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Having always pursued study and work that allows me to make an impact on the lives of the vulnerable through a range of therapeutic approaches, counselling was an obvious field through which I can continue to develop these skills and passions.

What excites me the most is focusing on the promotion of health and wellbeing rather than mediating the negative effects of health-related problems.

I have learned to change the lives of Clients through studying at University, gaining a postgraduate accreditation and being a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

I have always been interested in how different therapies can be applied within different situations.

I have gained experience through my work with both Newcastle and Sunderland NHS Trust, starting out as a Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner and working as a Nursing Assistant on a mental health ward.

I have worked hard to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to play a proactive and essential role in the lives of those in need and have been a Counsellor since 2011.

To date, I specialise in Bereavement Counselling.

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